Park Pool Final

Allison Wonderland

Here is a snapshot of the final totals in this year's Park Pool. I ended up being the winner being the only person to pick West Park on Clue 7 and then no one joined in on clue 8 knowing it was already locked up. But perhaps it will still be interesting to see how the voting turned out overall.

Allison Wonderland

You might also find this interesting. This is the total points accumulated for each park. Early guesses were worth more points.

Park Points
Como 1630
Battle Creek 1585
Central Park 1085
Phalen 981
Hidden Falls 375
Harriet 295
Swede Hollow 170
Lilydale 130
Highland 97
Acorn 93
Tony Schmidt 90
Bruce Vento 70
Crosby 58
Keller 40
Cherokee 36
Beaver Lake 30
Hanson 30
Snail 30
West Park 30
Matoska 20
Ramaley 10
WBL Regional 5


Thank you David for hosting this group. I could not get my photos to attach from my smart phone. I ended up posting them on the PP FB website. I got to hold the medallion ball and Josh kindly took the picture which l only posted on my FB site. I never got the Apollo 10 Snoopy so l was down at the Matoska park part because of the boat launch, tackle, dog park and original Chateaux Gay was off Lake and 6th Street according to the resort history. Also the island was used by the Indians for maple syrup-mollasses. I was going to do the West Park after. I didn't know the new building was also named similar to Chateaux Gay. Anyways the cluewriter never used any of those clues and meanings were pretty vague. The lesson is not to look so deeply into each word because it is a gamble. I did have fun and so thankful it was warm. Again thanks and lucky get to keep your money!