Getting Closer...

Allison Wonderland

Just 5 days now until the kickoff and the early release of Clue #1

I saw a confirmation from the PP on their Facebook group that the early edition of the papers will once again be going to Shamrocks. They try to get it there as soon as possible. Sometimes that means 11pm. Sometimes that means after the clue comes out online. But there usually are some people gathered there every night starting with Sunday night. I may not have much vacation time this year so I'm not sure how often I'll make it out this year, but I'll be there sometimes.

It looks like in addition to a couple of dustings this week, we'll get a more substantial snowfall this Friday. That will be followed by cold temperatures. So digging for the medallion this year will definitely be a challenge. Given that, perhaps we can look forward to something other than a large suburban park this year. It could be a Battle Creek kind of year. I wonder if all the St. Paul shootings this last year will play a role in where they put it?


Any parks picks contest this year?