Allison Wonderland 2020 Mock Hunt - Clue #10

Allison Wonderland

Here we are at clue 10. People are out looking now so remember to keep a distance and don't go out looking if you feel sick. If not found, the next clue will be at 8am tomorrow.
Clue #10
What will you have wrought if digging for naught?
You really don’t want to be the weak link.
Try taking a stroll, going pole to pole.
You will feel groovy when you start to sink.
And the previous clues:
Clue #9
I bet Uncle Joe knows where you should go.
It’s a most irregular kind of park.
There’s no place to bat, where’s the parking at?
A dolt may think it’s somewhere near Bismarck.
Clue #8
These times are scary, a load to carry,
Yet there is no rigging of the results.
Will you stand whining? Be a star shining?
It’s a lot better to act like adults.
Clue #7
Not at work all day? Find places to play.
Although this is a game where you don’t touch.
Contact is taboo. Whatever you do,
Leaving yourself on the sidelines is clutch.
Clue #6
If sick, but not sure, you still want the cure.
Also keep plenty of water nearby.
Still no discovery for a recovery
But a marginal treatment gets you by.
Clue #5
There’s plenty of land you’ll find near at hand
But crossing the street is quite forbidden.
Stay near to some trees and watch your step please
Or you might stumble on where it’s hidden.
Clue #4
A secretary most necessary,
The second time through there would be less dross.
For a time but brief he became the chief,
But you’ll still find him under the same boss.
Clue #3
The Postal Service might make you nervous
But lots of letters are a useful aid.
How many needed if unimpeded?
Somewhere above forty you’ll have it made.
Clue #2
Find this bit of lore about forty-four,
By looking at pre-Columbian times.
An endearing site will help set you right
And give direction to these little rhymes.
Clue #1
Whether snow or no, this hunt is a go.
Fresh air and sunshine will do you much good.
To dodge the virus is most desirous
So wash your hands, not just because you should.
You should break your stride, and go catch a ride
To a place of numeric harmony.
Now Saint Paul’s a Twin, but the code to win
Is to call the place a solo city.