The Hunt is On! Keep Searching!

Allison Wonderland

With what seems like everything in life getting cancelled, you were probably wondering what's going to happen with the AW Mock Hunt. Is that going to get cancelled too? The answer is NO! Treasure hunting is definitely not a contact sport. A lot of it is working from home anyway, trying to figure out the clues. And even if you do go out to the park to look for it, especially during a mock hunt, you're generally not close to other hunters. So there's no reason to think that treasure hunting poses a danger to anyone or violates social distancing. On the contrary, fresh air and sunshine are time-proven methods to fight off such illnesses. So we will begin the Mock Hunt this Wednesday as scheduled. Some of you might have heard the St. Paul Parks Dept. announce a closure, but they are only closing their buildings. They're not going to kick people out of public outdoor spaces (though I wouldn't be surprised if they were extra jumpy about people in the parks after hours).

But as I said, a couple of things will be different. First off, there will not be a kickoff party. At this point, I don't even know if Joseph's or any other restaurant will even be open. And even if there was a place to go, such a gathering is the kind of thing to avoid right now. Secondly, since a lot of people tend to pay their registrations at the kickoff, I'm going to change the prize structure for this hunt. I'm going to do away with the registrations for this event and make it free for everyone to participate. But given the associated lack of a cash influx, I'm also going to make the prize just $200. But now everyone who wants to participate can, while at the same time no one should feel obligated to do so if they'd rather not because they already invested money into it. Speaking of people who have already invested, a few people did already pay me a registration fee. I believe they were generally offered in the context of a broader donation, but if anyone who did pay would like their money back, just let me know.

Otherwise expect clues to come out at 5pm daily until either we hit 12 or it is found. It will be on public property in St. Paul. It will not be indoors, up a tree, on a roof, on a steep hillside, on top of ice or in a body of water (can't make any promises about puddles), inside of anything electrical, or anywhere else that would make you question if this might be a bad idea to look there. You do need to return the medallion to claim your prize.

Good luck and stay safe.