The 2020 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt

Allison Wonderland

We all get excited each year when the Pioneer Press's medallion hunt comes along. With its big prize and thousands of competitors, it can be quite a thrill. Perhaps a little less so when it expects you to know where a past team doctor for the MN Vikings used to live. But nevertheless we tend to be sad when it is over.

In the meantime there are lots of other hunts that happen during the year all over the Twin Cities and even the state. Some are put on by various cities while others are done by some of our fellow hunters. But I have heard it said that the triple crown of treasure hunting is made up of the Pioneer Press Medallion Hunt, the White Bear Lake city hunt, and the Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt. Perhaps that is because this year will be the 20th year that it has been going on. And thus I would like to go ahead and announce the 2020 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt. This is a 12 clue hunt with one clue per day. The treasure is a medallion about 2 inches across and half an inch think that will be hidden somewhere on public property in St. Paul. Your job is to decipher the clues and get to the medallion before any other hunter (or park worker!) does.

The medallion is not going to be anywhere that is ruled out by the PP Medallion Hunt (including Indian Mounds). It will also not be indoors, on a body of frozen (or open) water, on a steep hillside, on top of a building, up a tree, inside of anything electrical, nor anywhere else that might make you question if looking there is a good idea. Beyond that, you will have to follow the clues.

The first clue will be issued on Wednesday, March 18th at 5:00pm and each subsequent clue will also be posted at 5pm on this site. There will also be a kickoff party at Joseph's Grill that night starting at 6pm for anyone that would like to go (it's pasta bar night!)

If you would like to register for the hunt, you can do so by getting $10 to me before the release of the 4th clue. Paying me at the kickoff or sending it via Paypa to AllisonWondrland@... (remember to "send to a friend") would be the easiest though other methods can be arranged. Registering will make you eligible to win the full prize of $500 (as well as supporting the hunt). But in the spirit of "no purchase required" you can also participate for free and still win $100 if you find it. Registration fees beyond $100 in that case will get donated to another hunt. The winner must return the medallion to claim the prize money.

I think that covers except for this one last, but very important rule: Outside of the clues, never trust the cluewriter!  Otherwise good luck!