Pity Party


I remember that.  We burned clues as I recall and people brought some food to share too.  Fun times!



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inkswife Terry

Allison Wonderland

In 2000 the medallion was found at Newell in the early afternoon of Clue 7 which was a Saturday. People had already made plans to be out for the night hunting and were facing an empty schedule. The weather was unusually nice that day so we decided to go to Newell anyway, light a bonfire, and have ourselves a Pity Party. Since then the Pity Party has become an annual tradition for hunters to come to grips with the end of the hunt. When possible we try to have it near to the park where the medallion was. And thus we will be having one tonight at a place called Sweet Peas in the Highland Park area. It is on Snelling and Randolph, just north of Plum's. The plan is to meet at 7pm though anyone is certainly free to head over earlier (or later) if you like.