Clue #10 - 2020

Christina Kolb

A lover's fix under tangle of sticks
The medallion scratches hunters' itches.
Where bridge spans a gap; nearby a trap.
Line up putts that are pitches


This is what I thought of for a lovers fix under a tangle of sticks (fix meaning marriage)
Bride and groom walking through a wedding tunnel of hockey sticks


What if pitches was Frisbee golf and trap is trapeze? I couldn't find anything on clue 9 at Highland but there was  Griggs (coal man) street 2 blocks north. We still don't know the park. BV, SH, Phalon, Como most likely. That is a lot for being so late.


Hey secretrose,
We should have stuck with Highland all the way. Putts that are pitches could refer to disc golf. There's is the ped. bridge that crosses Montreal Ave. And hunter's itches reminds me of this Irish song I heard at the Irish Fest once. This 'Scottish' version is from some Renaissance Fair. Makes me think of Highland Fest/Games. Could the Circus Juventus fit some of these clues?

Allison Wonderland

After some research (not being a golf player) I have discovered there is something called a pitch shot which is the opposite of a chip shot. A chip shot goes in the air for a bit and then rolls. A pitch shot goes in the air for a while and then doesn't roll very much. Technically though a putt is never a pitch as they are two different shots so I'm still a little lost there. 

Going back to clue 3 I see now I missed something. Doffing your cap is almost certainly a reference to Clarence "Cap" Wiggington as Clarence St. next to Phalen.


Just read on PP Treasure Hunt Forum that it has been found. PP Treasure Hunt people confirmed it.