Locked Allison Wonderland Park Pick Pool #ParkPickPool

Jeff Rodriguez

5 on battle creek
5 crosby

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10 for Beaver Lake

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Alphabob asked about the Park Pick Pool. Unfortunately this week at work as well as at home has been quite busy and I never got a chance to post on here very much. But yes, there will be a park pick pool starting right now. Clue 1 is out this morning and Clue 2 won't be out until Sunday night, so you'll have plenty of time to make your initial picks. It's going to work the same as it has in the recent past which is like this:

  • The prize is $100 which will go to a single winner.
  • The winner is the person who gets the most points.
  • In the case of a tie, the winner will be whoever made the earliest post naming the correct park as one of their guesses.
  • All guesses must be made by posting them to this board
  • There is no cost to play (other than revealing your guesses perhaps).
  • Between the release of each clue you have 10 guesses. You can spend all your guesses on one park ("Como for 10!") or give one guess to each of 10 different parks, or divide them any other way you wish ("Battle Creek for 5, Highland for 3, Como for 1 and Shamrock for 1")
  • If you do not post a new guess, then your most recent guess will be presumed to carry forward with no action required on your part.
  • You may make a new post and change your guess for that day, but it becomes locked in once the next clue comes out.
  • Guesses made for the correct park (to be determined once the medallion has been declared to be found) are worth one victory point each. Guesses for the correct park made the day before are worth two victory points each. Guesses made the day before that are worth three points each and so on up to a potential value of 12 victory points for guesses made on the first day, if the hunt goes 12 clues (though guessing the right park on the first day of a 12 hunt clue would be a significant fail in other respects!)
  • You are free to guess any park you like except for that you may not group parks by guessing a larger regional park that they are a part of. In cases where it is fuzzy, a ruling by the judge (me) will be made.
  • I am eligible to participate as well because all posts are public and because there is no purchase required.

So start your guessing! Once Clue #2 comes out, we will start the next round.


10 on Indian Mounds for clue #2