2021 The Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt (Part 2) Clue #1

Allison Wonderland

The Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt (Take 2) is now officially underway. Up to 12 clues, one per day. The hunt goes until either the medallion is found or the hunt is considered FUBAR. If you were registered for the first one, you will also be registered for this one and are eligible for the full $250 prize.
Remember the medallion will not be hidden on a body of water, up a tree, on top of a building, inside anything electrical, indoors, inside anything electrical, on a steep incline, anywhere ruled out in the Pioneer Press hunt, or anywhere that should make you question if looking there is really a good idea.
Clue #1
Having kept our pact, it’s my turn to act.
Following a hunt unprecedented.
Since I sat idly, while Jake grinned snidely
Maybe now you are disoriented?
So my hunt begins just as the snow thins.
Thus other hiding methods I’ve employed.
Go study the lawn, watch your step thereon.
As some grass is a thing best to avoid.