PP Treasure Hunt 2020 is about to begin!


Hi David,
Looks like I'm a member now. Will posts about the Treasure Hunt appear on this site, or do I have to check my my email for updates? Not sure how this site works.

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Well, it looks like I have my answer. Messages and topics show up on this site and if you click on the topic you want you can reply to the messages on that topic.
Anyone else joined up yet?

Happy hunting all


Hope this format works ok. Way to Phoenix the place AW!

Clue Master Brad

Re: PP Treasure Hunt 2020 is about to begin!

Joan Del Rio

Terp3303 here. I’m on board, but I have no answers, Alfabob. Just wanted to try out posting. Here’s to the 2020 hunt! Thanks for setting up the new venue for noodling, David. 

Posting question


I know one can reply on the site, but do all newpostings need to be done by email?


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Re: Happy hunting all


Got myself signed up, signed in, and all that fun stuff.  Thanks for getting this set up David.

Re: Posting question

Allison Wonderland

When I am on the site, there is a menu on the left side and under "Messages" I see a link for "New Topic". Are you able to see that? Also it does appear that everyone's first message is moderated and if I approve that one, then you are automatically unmoderated going forward.

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Yyyeeah, the HUNT is almost here! I'm navigating around and liking your new rabbit hole David! 

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Jennifer Matthews

I made my way to the group!!!!
2020! The hunt is upon us!!!

2020 Calendar

Allison Wonderland

The Hunt is just nine days away now. If you've been busy celebrating the 16th day of Christmas and haven't paid much attention to the January calendar yet, let me give you an update on what's coming up:

  • Saturday, January 18th Noon - The Pioneer Press will be having their own version of a Pre-Dig Gig at the Bad Weather Brewery in St. Paul. The PP will be there selling their buttons which will be registered. You can get more info at 
  • Saturday, January 18th 6pm - The actual Pre-Dig Gig which will be at Joseph's Grill in St. Paul, just across the river from downtown St. Paul.There will be a pasta bar there for $17 inclusive or you can order off of the menu. We will have a private room, though after a while we pretty much just take over the place. Buttons will not be for sale there as far as we know, but you can get in on the park pick pool the annual Cooler Crew picture.
  • Sunday, January 20th - The official start of the Treasure Hunt even though Clue 1 will be out the day before in the early edition of the Sunday paper.
  • Sunday, February 2nd 11:30am - The Rehash Bash will take place at Newell Park in St. Paul. This is a potluck event where we wrap up the hunt with food, door prizes, and initiation rituals.
Feel free to reply to this message if there's anything I have forgotten. 

2020 Good Luck Poem

Mike Flipp

This years clues will start a new decade
and will lead to someplace that God Made
A pun on the year, will make you see clear
and hopeful insight as to where it has been laid

Good luck to all, in twenty twenty
And 1 thing's for sure, there's snow a plenty
Will a shovel dig or be it hung from a twig
or will you have to tread ever so lightly

Como, Phalen and Highland they seek
Or will it again be at Battle Creek?
Or some unknown park will the X mark
To me half of the clues are all but Greek

Soon onward we go, out into the cold
The first few days are for the young and bold
For us old timers, were mostly whiners
But years of knowledge we hold

So bundle up when out on the hunt
Hopefully we wont get a huge cold front
And if you happen to see, a coin in a tree
Let out a howl or maybe a grunt

I would just like to say to all Good Luck
And wisdom to you so you wont run a muck
Get right your bearings, and no red herrings
& Come back to this board when you get stuck!

God Bless

Re: Happy hunting all


1 week Cluey.... See you then

Getting Closer...

Allison Wonderland

Just 5 days now until the kickoff and the early release of Clue #1

I saw a confirmation from the PP on their Facebook group that the early edition of the papers will once again be going to Shamrocks. They try to get it there as soon as possible. Sometimes that means 11pm. Sometimes that means after the clue comes out online. But there usually are some people gathered there every night starting with Sunday night. I may not have much vacation time this year so I'm not sure how often I'll make it out this year, but I'll be there sometimes.

It looks like in addition to a couple of dustings this week, we'll get a more substantial snowfall this Friday. That will be followed by cold temperatures. So digging for the medallion this year will definitely be a challenge. Given that, perhaps we can look forward to something other than a large suburban park this year. It could be a Battle Creek kind of year. I wonder if all the St. Paul shootings this last year will play a role in where they put it?

Re: Getting Closer...


Any parks picks contest this year?

Clue #1 - 2020

Allison Wonderland

It looks like the first clue is out!

Clue #1
There’s just enough snow and temperatures low
To rouse us from our snoozing
And hide the MacGuffin, no we ain’t bluffin,
In a park of our very own choosing.

The Vikings are done, the Twins yet begun
What excuse do you have to dawdle?
Gather your kin, prepare for the win
And be sure to bring a hot bottle

Re: Clue #1


Thanks for keeping it off line David.  Having 36 hours to noodle 1 clue is a long time even when scrambled. Heh.  
See you tonight at the PDG 


locked Allison Wonderland Park Pick Pool 2020 #ParkPickPool

Allison Wonderland

Alphabob asked about the Park Pick Pool. Unfortunately this week at work as well as at home has been quite busy and I never got a chance to post on here very much. But yes, there will be a park pick pool starting right now. Clue 1 is out this morning and Clue 2 won't be out until Sunday night, so you'll have plenty of time to make your initial picks. It's going to work the same as it has in the recent past which is like this:

  • The prize is $100 which will go to a single winner.
  • The winner is the person who gets the most points.
  • In the case of a tie, the winner will be whoever made the earliest post naming the correct park as one of their guesses.
  • All guesses must be made by posting them to this board
  • There is no cost to play (other than revealing your guesses perhaps).
  • Between the release of each clue you have 10 guesses. You can spend all your guesses on one park ("Como for 10!") or give one guess to each of 10 different parks, or divide them any other way you wish ("Battle Creek for 5, Highland for 3, Como for 1 and Shamrock for 1")
  • If you do not post a new guess, then your most recent guess will be presumed to carry forward with no action required on your part.
  • You may make a new post and change your guess for that day, but it becomes locked in once the next clue comes out.
  • Guesses made for the correct park (to be determined once the medallion has been declared to be found) are worth one victory point each. Guesses for the correct park made the day before are worth two victory points each. Guesses made the day before that are worth three points each and so on up to a potential value of 12 victory points for guesses made on the first day, if the hunt goes 12 clues (though guessing the right park on the first day of a 12 hunt clue would be a significant fail in other respects!)
  • You are free to guess any park you like except for that you may not group parks by guessing a larger regional park that they are a part of. In cases where it is fuzzy, a ruling by the judge (me) will be made.
  • I am eligible to participate as well because all posts are public and because there is no purchase required.

So start your guessing! Once Clue #2 comes out, we will start the next round.

Re: Clue #1

Allison Wonderland

Clue 1 was released on the PP. I'm just bringing it to the people.

Re: Clue #1


Thank you David

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Clue 1 was released on the PP. I'm just bringing it to the people.

Re: Clue #1 - 2020

Allison Wonderland

The term MacGuffin is something that I've heard before but I couldn't quite define it so I looked it up just now. Alfred Hitchcock seemed to have come up with the term. It is a plot device. It is something that seems very important to the characters in the story, but the audience doesn't actually care about it. For example, in Mission Impossible, the good guys and the bad guys are both after some code that unlocks a list of spies. It's very important to them, and why they are doing what they are doing, but we as the audience may not have even really understood what exactly it was even. So it is curious that refer to the medallion as a MacGuffin. It is an object that is at the center of our story, and what drives us to do what we are doing here. I suppose if you were then watching the documentary "No Time for Cold Feet" the medallion might be a MacGuffin. That audience wouldn't care about the medallion itself. They say they're not bluffing which could be a response to "Como? Again? Are you kidding me?"

A park of their very own choosing? Who else would be choosing it?

I don't think I'd worry about the reference to the Vikings and the Twins. They have often had references to the Vikings in Clue 1 and it usually didn't mean anything.

Otherwise I don't like to read too much into Clue 1. There's a million things that *might* be true, but no second point of reference to know if you are on the right track. So the only thing we can say for sure from this clue is that it is in a park.

On the other hand, they did release a "The Deed is Done" video yesterday. It starts with a view of the weather forecast. It shows Friday's forecast and says "Today", so we can assume it was hidden yesterday. Then it shows the trunk of a good sized tree with what look to be some ski tracks behind it. Then it shows the top of presumably the same tree. There is another similar tree to the left and a third one partially hidden behind it. So it's a park with some trees which actually does eliminate a few of the smaller ones. If those were cross country ski tracks behind it, then that also eliminates a lot of small parks that are too small to bother skiing through.