Re: 2022 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt Clue Explanations

Bill Pearson

Clue 6 is incredible David. Well done, and congrats to the finder! 

On Sun, Apr 3, 2022 at 12:08 PM Allison Wonderland via <> wrote:

Clue #1

So after a year, the hunt is now here.

The realm of Ramsey is the place to seek.

No need to search all, just stick to St. Paul.

You’ll get warmer by the end of the week.


The Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt has always been in St. Paul. The rules even say it is in St. Paul. So the mention of Ramsey should have seemed curious. In this case Ramsey refers to Alexander Ramsey and more specifically his daughter Marion Ramsey Furness who would have been “in his realm”. She is the person the park was named for, and a furnace (Furness) will make you warm. Also, when it says “the hunt is now here”, the word “here” is in the upper right corner of the clue just as the park is in the upper right corner of St. Paul.


Clue #2

Back when it was new there was a lake view

Not far from where the treasure is hidden.

It is not there still, instead there’s a hill

And any entry is now forbidden.


This clue is referring to the Hillcrest Golf Course which partially borders the park and is still relatively close at the hiding spot. It was originally called the Lakeview Golf Course before becoming Hillcrest. The golf course is now permanently closed so entry is not allowed.


Clue #3

If your detection needs some direction

You’ll find North and South are likely the best.

Certainly not least, a good dose of East

However, there’s a distinct lack of West


Furness Park runs between North Hayden Heights and South Hayden Heights, Also, it is on the East side of St. Paul and is bordered by Furness Parkway and East Furness Parkway. So plenty of East but no West.


Clue #4

It is on the whole a good place to stroll

And two may part ways saying, “Good day then!”

But one won’t get far, finding it bizarre,

“How have I run into you yet again!?”


This clue refers to the fact that the park is part of a walking trail but also specifically the fact that the pathways continually separate into two and then come together again at each street making for a distinctive pattern.


Clue #5

The park’s not confined, or its edge defined

By a single street marking each border.

If you cross any, you might cross many

So watching where you step is in order.


This is mostly just letting you know that the park spans multiple blocks and is divided into sections by cross streets. Also, “Any” could also be taken as NE which is the abbreviation for Nebraska. If you cross Nebraska Ave., you’re on the wrong end of the park and will have to cross several streets to get to the right end. Watching where you step alludes to the medallion being on the ground.


Clue #6

It’s a good measure when seeking treasure

To just have a sixth sense about the clue.

Morse is not the mode, but mos def a code

Where breaking it is not the thing to do.


“A Sixth Sense” is a reference to Bruce Willis who starred in the movie “The Sixth Sense”. “Morse” alludes to David Morse and “mos def” is of course Mos Def. All three starred in a movie called “16 Blocks” where a cop deciding if he was going to do what was right, or keep the “cop code” was a main theme. The Furness Trail is 16 blocks long.


Clue #7

As you search about, or maybe just scout

You can see both the forest and the trees.

And it might surprise that the treasure lies

Where it’s always seventy-two degrees.

“The trees” just refers to there being trees in the park, lots of different kinds. “The forest” refers to Sherwood which is one of the cross streets in the park. The two Furness Parkways that mainly define the park run at a 72 degree angle.


Clue #8

It might help to know far as landmarks go

Nothing involving water is in play.

A bench over there, a big rock somewhere

But a beloved street does point the way.


This clue is mostly straightforward. There is no body of water in or next to the park. The main landmarks are a large rock and a couple of benches. It does vaguely hint that the bench you want is not the one by the rock. The tricky part of the clue is the beloved street which is David St. to the north as the name David means “Beloved”. David St. points pretty much right at the treasure.


Clue #9

This may set off sparks, when it comes to parks,

But the treasure’s home failed to make the list.

Yet the park lays claim to a worthy name

And a plaque asserts its right to exist.


If you go to the St. Paul Parks & Rec website and look for a list of St. Paul parks, Furness Park is not on that list. Nor is it in any version of The Treasure Hunter’s Guide. But Google Maps says it is a park. And in the park itself, there is a large rock with a plaque that says you are in Furness Park, named for Marion Ramsey Furness.


Clue #10

Just to verify, I must clarify

The treasure is where streets are on each side.

No need to dally where there’s an alley;

Didn’t want to take a chance on this hide.


Of the 16 blocks of the Furness Trail, half are entirely bordered by streets and the other half are bordered by other things, so that narrows it down by half. Of the remaining eight blocks, the northern four, by Nevada (“Didn’t want to take a chance”) and the southern one, all have alleys that run into the park. So that just leaves a three block search area.


Clue #11

Two sons were buried, his daughter married,

In the Governor’s mansion she did stay,

Now a parkway’s name remembers her fame.

At the park? Then this clue’s a throwaway.


If you hadn’t found the park yet, this clue is specifically the story of Alexander Ramsey and his daughter Marion Ramsey Furness. If you were already at the park, “throwaway” suggests to look on the block with the garbage can.


Clue #12

If you’re still unclear the treasure is near

The Beloved Church up in the corner.

Trek to the southwest to where you can rest

In a divot, leaves are the adorner.


Being “unclear” suggests that you can fix that by going to Clear Ave. If you still don’t know the park, look for the Beloved Church in the NE corner of the city. Then walk southwest to where the bench is. The medallion is near there in a divot covered with leaves.

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