Re: 2022 Mock Hunt Medallion Found!

Allison Wonderland

So it was found by Josh Ellingson working with Todd Pittman. Both of them have found the AW Mock Hunt medallion in the past. Both were registered hunters so they will get the full $300 prize plus the souvenir medallion. Josh said he hadn't been to Furness Park before, but was aware of it and recognized it in the clues. Furness Park isn't listed as a park on the St. Paul Parks & Rec website, nor is it in the Treasure Hunter's Guide, so experience and knowledge of the city seems to have paid off here. The treasure was hidden in a small divot in the ground with some leaves on it just a bit north of Clear Ave. 

I had certainly hoped the hunt would last longer, but I also feel people should have a shot at finding it from the first clue, so this at least proves that it is possible to win if you crack the clues early. So congratulations again to Josh and Todd. Next up will be the clue explanations.

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