The 2022 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt - Clue #4

Allison Wonderland

Hunt Registration has ended. The prize has been updated to $300 and a souvenir medallion for registered hunters and $100 and a souvenir medallion for unregistered hunters. 

Here is the new clue:

Clue #4
It is on the whole a good place to stroll
And two may part ways saying, “Good day then!”
But one won’t get far, finding it bizarre,
“How have I run into you yet again!
And the previous clues:
Clue #3
If your detection needs some direction
You’ll find North and South are likely the best.
Certainly not least, a good dose of East
However, there’s a distinct lack of West
Clue #2
Back when it was new there was a lake view
Not far from where the treasure is hidden.
It is not there still, instead there’s a hill
And any entry is now forbidden.
Clue #1
So after a year, the hunt is now here.
The realm of Ramsey is the place to seek.
No need to search all, just stick to St. Paul.
You’ll get warmer by the end of the week.

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