Mock Hunt Prize Update

Allison Wonderland

It looks like as of this moment I have 22 people registered for the 2022 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt. That being the case, I will bump up the prize to $300 and add one of these Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt Medallions in addition to the cash prize. Thanks to Ed Brodie and Ken Ng for designing it. Non-registered hunters can still win $100 but will also get the medallion.
If you would still like to register, you have until 5pm today to either send me the money by Paylpal at AllisonWondrland@... or let me know that you would like to and we can make another arrangement if need be.
If you are a past winner of the Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt and you would like one of these for your collection, let me know and you can buy one for $20. I'll subsidize the rest of it and get a group order together.

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