Re: Found?

Allison Wonderland

Maybe I'm just more used to it, like the time it was at Cherokee and they said the treasure was "due east" of something when it was actually due south. I have to admit, when I saw it say far from the trail, my first thought was "so probably not very far from the trail".

Clue 9 was largely indecipherable except for that I know of one person who did, and she is even in this group (Jennifer). But Clue 9 is almost always really hard and generally useless if you already know the park. So again, maybe I'm just used to it and am judging it on a curve.

On Monday, February 7, 2022, 09:31:14 AM CST, Eicemann via <eicemann7@...> wrote:

I respectfully disagree.  You question the use of "fresh." I object to the use of "park" to reference a parking area; and not even an actual defined lot. 
The explanation for Clue #3 absolutely does not direct the reader to the hiding spot, which is practically adjacent to the forest bath trail and not at all FAR from it.  It is misleading at best; a flat out lie at worst.
And tell me that even an accomplished clue-writing savant like yourself could ever decipher Clue 9  That one is just a ridiculous waste of vowels and consonants.  

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