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We did the East Wind hunt this year, I think we waited a little too long before starting since we were wrapped up in the Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt. We did finish just under the gun. I just wanted to to tell you that it was quite the puzzler and it took all four of our brains to figure it out, but it was really fun, so thank you for taking the time to do these scavenger hunts.

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Are you up for a challenge this weekend? The St. Paul Winter Carnival is still going on and so are the Scavenger Hunts. As I write this there are just about 48 hours left until they end Sunday at 5pm. Do you think you can solve 30 clues about various notable St. Paul locations and then visit them all in 48 hours? Only 7 teams out of 57 have done it thus far! Join in on the North Wind Hunt if you want to try.  
Or perhaps you prefer an even greater challenge? The East Wind Hunt features ten puzzles ranging from difficult to diabolical. Each one you solve leads you to a specific sign at a St. Paul location which will give you one letter. Unscramble those ten letters to get the final location! Out of 36 teams, only 3 have made it to the end!  
Or maybe an easier challenge is more your style? Try the South Wind Hunt. The clues generally aren't too cryptic, but they do require you to find and/or do 30 fun and wintry things in just 48 hours! Only three teams have managed them all so far!  
We also have a family option where you can include the kids. The West Wind Hunt takes you to Como Park. 15 clues aimed at the parents will guide you to 15 different features in the park. Go visit them all and let the kids look for one of the West Wind's horses. Each horse has a riddle for the kids to solve that will reveal the name of the horse. Figure that out and solve the mission. 9 out 35 families have found them all going into this last weekend.  
Each hunt does cost $20 with the proceeds supporting the Winter Carnival. This hunt is sponsored by St. Croix Hospice. Visit for more details and to sign up. Remember, you have just 48 hours to do what so many other teams have thus far not done!

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