Re: Clue 8


I've been out of touch for a while, but after reading the posts on the clues, what makes sense is Silverwood Park. I don't have a car, so will not be out looking, but I have a friend who goes on walks frequently in Silverwood Park and she mentioned she sometimes goes 'forest bathing' there. But, the clue says "far from the path that leads to a bath' which would mean, maybe, on the opposite side of the park. There are maps on the Silverwood Park web site that I've posted here. You can click on pdf's for the poetry and sculpture map and the Nature and forest bathing map. The web site puts Silverwood Park in St. Anthony, but St Anthony is partially in Ramsey County and part in Hennepin County. Silver Lake (Beach) park is connected to Silverwood Park, but is located in Columbia Heights, which I believe is in Anoka County at that point. So, I think the treasure would be located in open space ('out of the dark (not in the woods) so all alone') near the border of Silverwood Park and Silverlake Park. Maybe 'delta (d) to omicron (o)' means number of paces from the boundary or from some point in the clearing towards the boundary...'d' is the 4th letter,'o' is the 15th, so from 4 to 15 is 11 paces.
I've also included the link to a bit of history of the Salvation Army camp at Silver Lake.
Good luck to all!

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