Re: Scavenger Hunts

Allison Wonderland

It would change things a bit but not fundamentally solve the problem. It would just mean the first team to solve all the missions would win and there would still be no chance for anyone else to win after that. This year it still would have been essentially over after 6 hours, we just would have had a different winner. And if no team had gotten them all, then no one would have gotten the tiebreaker either 

The goal is to make it so that people can take the whole 10 days and still have a shot at winning up to the last day, without it just being random.

On Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 6:54 PM, Peeko03
<Peeko03@...> wrote:
David, I believe a simple solution is that the tie breaker cannot be done until you've solved all of the other clues. By doing this you also keep people from sweeping more than one category as well. 

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