The REAL 2021 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt

Allison Wonderland

So four years ago Jake and I made a bet. I said that Trump ran for office just for the publicity and didn't really want to do the job. Consequently we bet that Trump would not finish his term. While we can debate the reasons why I was wrong, the fact is in the end I was and Jake won the bet. That bet was that he would get to write the clues for this year's AW hunt, but that we wouldn't tell anyone. And so that was the case.
But having done that, I still want to do the real Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt. Which means all of you get a bonus hunt! That means if you registered for the first hunt, you are automatically registered for the second hunt at no additional cost. This hunt will also have a $250 prize which a registered hunter will win. If you didn't register the first time, you can still register for this one.  Or if you're not a joiner, but you still happen to find it, you'll still get $100.
We'll start the next one on March 17th with all of the same rules applying as before (just substitute March for any mention of February).
I'm a little disappointed that no one seemed to notice the difference in writing style, but hopefully you all had fun. The feedback I got (prior to the explanations anyway) was that you guys seemed to enjoy Jake's hunt. But I really am writing the clues for this next one and no, there is no secret message in this announcement.

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