Scavenger Hunts

Allison Wonderland

As you may or may not know I wrote the clues for the new Scavenger Hunt event that the Winter Carnival had this year. We ran it through an app called Goosechase and it all worked out pretty well. However it was a unique thing and we can't reuse the clues next year. So even though you can no longer use the app to check your answers, I am attaching three PDF's that have all the clues for the three hunts (one focused on the parks, one on historical stuff, and one on fun things to do in town). All three were strictly St. Paul. And then I am attaching another three PDFs with the explanations. So maybe you can appoint someone to check your answers for you or maybe you'll come up with your best guess for each and then check them yourselves. That is all up to you. Feel free to use them with your friends or maybe as an event for work or a social group. But you're not allowed to charge money for it as the Winter Carnival maintains those rights.

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