The 2021 Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt

Allison Wonderland

Just as the PP hunt ends, it's time to talk about the The Allison Wonderland Mock Hunt. As always, it has a certain fluidity to it. Kind of like when the PP Medallion was found after Clue 5 a few years back, I started mine the next day. Even April has played host some years going the other way. In this year's PP hunt things were on the shorter side. Since it would also be nice to actually have reliable snow for once, I'm going to start mine a bit earlier this year.  Wednesday, February 17th will be the kick off day, going through the end of February. Remember, you'll be looking for the Allison Wonderland medallion. It will be in a park in St. Paul. The medallion will not be hidden indoors, underground, on a body of water, up a tree, near a steep hillside, inside anything electrical, or anywhere else that is ruled out by the PP or would make you wonder if searching there is a bad idea. If you wish to participate, there are two ways you can do so. Number one, you can pay $10 to be a registered hunter and win the whole prize which should be at least $250.00. Get registered by sending it to me via Paypal at allisonwondrland@... or email me at that same address if you want to make another arrangement. The other way to participate is as an unregistered hunter and if you find it you will get $100. However much is left from the registrations will get donated to another hunt in that case.

Every clue will get posted at 5:00pm. Clues will appear on The Allison Wonderland Group, the Cooler Crew Treasure Hunt Group on Facebook, and the Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt Group on Facebook. Likely they will get cross posted to other groups too. Until the medallion is found, contact the cluewriter at your own risk it's not my job to help you. Evidently we won't be having a kickoff party this year, though we could maybe do a zoom if people want.

So anyway, that's the plan and let me know if you have any questions.

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