Re: FOUND - Memorial Beach in WBL

Allison Wonderland

Sorry I wasn't on top of this news earlier but I've been having a busy day. But congratulations to Josh for finding it.

I was pretty sure it was at West park, but partly because of ideas other people told me and I wasn't really at liberty to repeat. The big one I got from Matt Koskie was the clue about the countdown. He pointed out to me that the lunar module names for Apollo 11 was "Eagle" and Apollo 10 was "Snoopy". That suggested to me the park was between 10th and 11th. The nearby McDonalds might have been the thing we love (their slogan is "I'm lovin it"). Avoid the shifting sands told me it was West Park and not the adjacent beach. Some people here pointed out the adjacent complex was the "Chateauguet". There was a gazebo for shelter and benches to recover as well as plenty of picnic tables for cooking and eating. Lake Ave on one side was a one way road. The Gatsby clue was suggestive of White Bear Lake. So that was what made me think it was there. I think I was also the only person to guess that park in the pool prior to it being found, so I think I win the pool!

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A guy named Josh Ellingson was tagged on Facebook. Congrats to him and his team.


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Check the forums. Looks like it was wearing a mask :)

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