And So It Begins

Allison Wonderland

The first clue is out. As usual it doesn't seem to say much more other than announcing that the hunt has begun and making a few current event references. Perhaps there is more to it, though it's hard to say at this point whether any theories you may come up with are right or wrong. It does take two points to make a line. This is particularly true after last year. I remember sitting at Shamrock's last year *after* what would be the final clue of that hunt had come out, and I still wasn't sure which park it was in. I don't think anyone else was either. Even those who were thinking Highland weren't absolutely sold on it. I was actually quite convinced it was at Phalen. I heard arguments for other parks that were also quite convincing. I would rate the actual clue explanations as only the 5th or 6th best explanation for what the clues meant last year. So if there was that much uncertainty on (and even after) the final clue last year, I would certainly recommend caution on the first clue this year. Last year's hunt with people scattered all over and hardly anyone in the right vicinity when it was found would have been ideal for this Covid-affected hunt, so I would look for them to try and duplicate that for this year. Consequently I strongly recommend keeping an open mind with these clues. I was sure last year I had the clues perfectly figured out and I was perfectly wrong (as was most everyone else). So listen to all the theories, even if you think you already have the answer. That would be my recommendation.

Also, now that the first clue has come out, the Allison Wonderland Park Pick Pool moves to Stage 2. I see some of you have already made your guesses for this new round. You have until Clue 2 comes out at midnight tomorrow night to make or change your next guess. If you missed out on the pre-hunt guess, don't worry too much. While that guess could determine the winner, it rarely ever has, so you still have plenty of time to still jump in.

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