2021 Park Pick Contest

Allison Wonderland

As you may have already noticed, I am once again sponsoring my Park Pick Contest for this year's Medallion Hunt. Will it be a big park or little park? In the city or outside? Familiar territory or a brand new location? None of us know, but we may think we know. So let's see how good you are at guessing (for now) and deciphering the clues (as we go). The prize for the winner will be $100.

As in past years the way it works is you get 10 guesses at each Stage. The first Stage is prior to the hunt, and then there is a new Stage after each clue is released. You can divide up your guesses as you wish. You can put all 10 towards one park if you are feeling confident or you could put one guess towards each of 10 different parks, or somewhere in between. As each clue comes out, it may change your thinking and so you're free to change your guesses at each Stage. If you don't make a new guess, then your previous guess will carry over (but all guesses must be posted to the message board).

The scoring is a little tricky, but it is designed to reward those who got it right early on. Once the medallion is found and the correct park is determined, I note what clue it was found on and then add 1 to that number for the total number of Stages. Each guess you put towards the correct park prior to the hunt (if any) will get points equal to the number of Stages (S). Each correct guess after clue 1 gets S - 1 points. Correct guesses made after Clue 2 get S - 2 points and so on with guesses made the day of the find getting just 1 point each. Then the person with the most points wins. If there is a tie, then the person who had the earliest guess for that park wins.

So should you guess 10 parks right now, hoping to get the edge on a tie breaker? Or is better to go all in on one park and try to lock it down? That's up to you to decide. It's free to play, other than having to publicize which parks you are thinking. But then there is a bit of a game there too. 

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