2021 Pioneer Press Medallion Hunt Updates

Allison Wonderland

Greetings everyone! Many of you are probably already following what is happening with this year's hunt on Facebook and other places, but for anyone who isn't quite in the know, let me sum up what is going on this year.

First off, there will be a hunt. Officially it starts on Sunday the 24th, but of course we will probably see the first clue on the 23rd.

The prize will again be up to $10,000. If you find the medallion, you need to call the PP right away (rather than bring it in). It sounds like they will verify the find over the phone and that will get you $2,500. Then for the next $2,500 you will need to have all of the published daily clues, clipped or copied from the Pioneer Press or printed from TwinCities.com, and provide them along with the found medallion. And for the final $5,000 you will need to have a medallion from the Pioneer Press. This light up medallion is different from the Winter Carnival button. Buying a WC button helps support the Winter Carnival, but it won't help you if you find the Medallion. You can get them at pioneerpresstreasurehunt.com

Some things will naturally be different this year. First off the online clues will come out at midnight. There will be no early clues in paper form this year, nor any scrambled clues. Nor are they using an app this year. There will also be no Pre-Dig Gig this year, nor an event at Bad Weather Brewing. Neither will there be nightly gatherings at Shamrock's. In that same vein they are saying people shouldn't hunt in groups larger than three, they should maintain a six foot distance, and they should wear a mask (and definitely not hunt if you are sick!). If they find people breaking those rules, they reserve the right to end the hunt. However, we can certainly discuss the clues here and elsewhere online.

Another thing that will be different this year is I won't be hunting for the medallion. I have joined the Winter Carnival committee. That alone doesn't bar me as the Winter Carnival and the medallion hunt are no longer officially connected, but I will be busy with the Winter Carnival. That said, I will endeavor to keep this board going, and will offer my ideas, but I'm not sure yet how much time I will have once the Carnival starts. But I do wish good luck to all of you.

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