Re: Park picks

Allison Wonderland

Yea, sure, we can do that. We'll use the same rules with 10 votes prior to the hunt and then 10 more votes after each clue. Earlier votes are worth more. Ties go to the person who put the first vote in for that park. Prize is $100 to the winner. Must post guesses to the message board for transparency. Once you have made a guess, it will keep carrying over if you don't post a new guess. I'll post it more officially later but for now I myself will go with 10 on Lilydale.


On Monday, January 11, 2021, 11:00:29 PM CST, alfabob1@... <alfabob1@...> wrote:

Will you be doing a park picks contest again this year? Put me down for Swede Hollow as my first choice.

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