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Joan Del Rio

IMHO last year, 2019, at Long Lake was the best hunt in a long time. Some clues were less than obvious, but attainable with reasonable research. This year there were only a couple of explanations that I could call completely sensible. And I know clue writing is an art, am grateful for the hunt, and I won’t complain as long as it’s reasonable. It seems the only goal of some of this year’s clues was to mislead. That’s not fun. 
David, thanks for all of your work. The new site is great - feels/functions like the old Yahoo group. See you Sunday. To those not attending the Rehash ... see you next year!

On Jan 28, 2020, at 11:10 AM, leelabell via Groups.Io <leelabell@...> wrote:

I knew there was a good chance it would be at Highland, but I excluded it after the noodle about the streetcar line to Phalen. I was all in on Phalen or Trout Brook after that. I even figured that the bodies of water was water towers, but I didn’t remember there were three at Highland (I haven’t lived there for 10+ years). I just assumed there might be some that you could see from other parts of the Phalen or I was wrong completely and you had to be in lower town (I mentioned that the other day). 

Regarding clues: The thing about clues for me is that if the solution to a clue is worse than the best possible solution it is a bad clue. In other words, the best possible solution to the clue that I assumed was the streetcar line is the streetcar line. Not the plane (Mounds). So, when we see the answers, if there is a half-assed solution to that clue, it was a bad clue. (IMO). Maybe there is a better Highland solution, but we will see. You can half-ass any answer (snow, ice, water, etc.) but you can’t always write good ones.

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