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It is 18 holes now. They added 9 to the start. The old 9 are now 10-18 with minor adjustments. 

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How much thought did they really put into it...highland disc golf course is 9 holes, I've played this course often their explanation says something like between holes 13 and 14...

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i read everything you said in the RICKY GREVAISE ACCENT…LOL..IT MADE SENCE TO ME…and so does my spelling…sorry about your DAD!

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Well now, wasn't that fun? Sure we all had a great time noodling, but oh man, on some of those clues I'm calling Shinanigan's!
I know some of you are right with me too. 
Clue 1
Not a terrible first clue - its in a park, vs on some street sidewalk, like under a mailbox. But who knew the MacGuffin Mac being scottish, but that Highland Park was a scottish park? I had no idea... other than that Clue 1 was pretty good.
Clue 2
Told people to not trample the flowers, but was pretty worrthless, Impeach peachy had absolutely nothing to do do with the hunt but to reflect back on this hunt and clue 10 years from now and go oh...that's when Trump was getting slammed by the Dems. Woop de doo, what a waste of a clue, complete grabage IMO
Clue 3
Love your melon Sponsor gets a nod, that was pretty cool.
But dog eared map was somehow supposed to lead me to Snoopy? ?  AYKM? !!!!     (are you kidding me)
And finally genuflect, many understood this correctly and was the best thing in this clue worth anything - that you had to bend down onto the ground and get the treasure, it wont be up in a crook of a tree.
Clue 4
Foreman and Clark (Tailor) and Donald Lannin (Dr.) were neighbors two blocks away from the park? AYKM ? x 100 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Worst clue I have ever heard of. We all pretty much got the tailor doctor thing, but again it meant absolutley nothing and was completely worthless, complete waste of time and the ink on the paper. 
Clue 5
We all saw the russian theme going on there, and I searched arounf on the web for russian areas in St. Paul and NOTHING CAME UP. Russian Jews in Highland park? AYKM?
Well they have the buildings in the area, but you would have to be thinking way outside the box to even have had a remote chance of coming up with that and if you did, no one would have believed your theory.
Clue 6
I figured this clue to be a winding road, but just about every park has a winding road through it. And then the Trolley theory came out and I was like, wow, that is a really great noodle! And it turns out, Edgecomb used to be South Summit, hmmm ok, we were all given a chance to look at those old maps. But we have Summit Ave and bluffs, it was just too hard a noodle for me and many others. But It did have some merit, although reaching. IMO
Clue 7
Swing on down when in town and lights pointed to Circus Juventus. I saw a few mentions of that place. But that was not a very well written clue for that. Since when do you come on DOWN to HIGHLAND park? AYKM?
Look at the map and line up 3 pools? uhhh?
Before it gets hotter? How about WHEN IT GETS Hotter!? That would have led me to POOLS! Sheesh AYKM? 
And in order to line up 3 pools, of which ONE WAS PRIVATE! ???? WOW AYKM AND 1 AINT THERE ANYMORE ???? HDDIDD (Head drops down in deep disgust) YHGTBKMP (You have got to be kidding me PYLE!)
Clue 8 
First part very vague, fit many a park.
2nd part of clue was actually good, stay away from the water and get by the woods.
Clue 9
Coal Man Saunders - we all had Hill, our fault. Had we gone with Saunders Path - Street we would have been led right there, and I suspect quite a few were after this clue. Also told us short of hill it does fall, puck was at the bottom of a hill lined up with Saunders Ave.
Probably the BEST clue of the bunch.
Clue 10
A lovers fix - absolutely made no sense, so we should have scrambled that junk up, our bad. But Silver Fox? A mens group that holds yearly BOOYAS? If you were smart enough to scramble this and get to Silver Fox, a website search of Silver Fox St Paul does reveal the club, the booyas and 2 parks, Highland and Hidden Falls Park. So I guess it was there, we just had to unscramble that thing and we missed it. 
The bridges gap, putts that are pitches was in fact really good. Putts led you to golf, and pitches to frisbee golf and that was what zeroed everyone in that had noodled this thing out. Tough clue, but it was there for the pickin. Puck was found
Clue 11
What if
Well they do name streets, but sometimes just parts of the street names, stares near stairs, and stay low, bottom of hill, yeah that worked for me.
Clue 12
As I mentioned before, if someone finds it on Clue 12, great for them, they are jubilated! But to me it meens the cluewriter did a terrible job.

And so if we go by this theory, then clues 8,9,and 10 brought home the bacon and they did a good job there because it was found prior to 12 and the noodlers deserve alot of credit for figuring this out. Kuddos and Congrats!

Clues 2-7 were IMO worthless shinanigan's. How we got GRU leading to St. Paul was absolute LUCK! at least that luck got us in the city!

What I need to do is read past clues and explantions PRIOR to the hunt to get my mind right, I mean, not so right, so I can noodle these a tad better, because Like I said, half of the clue means absolutley nothing most of the time. But I should have gotten that Saunders one. And maybe the Silver Fox thing, A Lovers fix made no sense and I shudda seen that. With half the clues totally bogus, its a wonder it was found, but 8-10 did justice.

Anyway, that's a wrap from the Flippster. I grew up in St. Paul, now live way up in Moose Lake, and still love trying to noodle, it was fun to do it with my Dad for many years and he led me to many a correct park. He passed away last year. RIP Dad.

God Bless 

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