Re: Clue #10 Scrambled - 2020

Mike Flipp

Yeah if it has golf (putts) then I think we are back out at Phalen and the trolley clue 6 was spot on. Pitches made it still seem like BVNS was still in it, bridges, yeah, but the putts, that may have killed BVNS and Harriet unless they put in a mini putt somewhere like Como? Or it could be a trick for like puttsing around, or Grumpy Old Men ya (Putts) Putz? But if its golf, a Phalen we will have to go. Follow that trolley!

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020, 12:03:14 AM CST, alfabob1@... <alfabob1@...> wrote:

Okay. A golf course nearby (putts), ballfields at the park (pitches), hockey rinks in the area (sticks)?, and a bridge of sorts. Oh NO! Como!!! Or Phalen.

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