Trout Brook


I don't live in MN and didn't make the trip to hunt this year, but I generally follow along. This year, I have had more time and have been thinking more carefully about the clues.

The case that is made for Phalen (see other posts on this forum) can also be made for Trout Brook with some changes:
Careful what flora you stomp - A section of that park is called trillium. You don't want to step on the trillium.
Impeach is about Jackson (street) who was sort of impeached and sort of not (read about it)
Clue four about herringbone/sawbones is about the nearby big cemetery
Street car line next to park similar to Phalen
There is water on the north side of the site and on the south side
Clue 9 is about Hill. Those train tracks at the site were his and they end nearby. The site used to have a natural rise before the tracks were built. The math thing has to do with the math and science school right next door.

But, I have the same problem with Trout Brook as I do with Phalen. I can't make clue 7 work. I feel like you have to be in lowertown near the Saints field to line up the sites. 

So, do with this what you will.

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