Joan Del Rio

acpickerign, I think that was a very astute noodle. Impressive sleuthing!

On Monday, January 27, 2020, 4:06:16 PM CST, <acpickerign@...> wrote:

There's an old streetcar that ran between Lake Como and Lake Phelan, Though rather than going straight like Wheelock park way does, It went down Dale, and At Summit started a steep decline into downtown St. Paul (plummet), before following E7th street and climbing the Bluff, proceeding up arcade and Forest streets before reaching its terminus at Lake Phelan. It seemed odd to me that something might plummet before it got to the bluff, but if you follow this track (11 on the map) - couple with  its circuitous rout and starting and stopping like a streetcar would it seemed to make sense. 

Once at the summit, it did quite plummet

Before it got to the bluff

Starting and stopping, winding and hopping

It will eventually lead to the stuff

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