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Date: 1/27/20 3:02 PM (GMT-06:00)
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Any one tossing around the idea of 2 medallions this year? 

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I wish the clues didn’t have me changing my mind every 5 seconds.

It could be JJH - and odds of a small downtown park may have never been higher. That said if it is a Hill reference I would guess they are talking about Walnut Street, which falls just short of the mansion- and past old St Luke’s Hospital to Irvine Park.

My initial read on this one is about Chris Coleman, who helped champion the renovation of the Sam Morgan Trail which runs by but does not reach Downtown up hill. The city commissioned a study to see how much a direct connection to the Vento Trail would cost (good math) but have not started the project. How this relates to other clues is beyond me.

At this point I just hope these aren’t all references to trash they littered on the ground again.

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