Re: Clue 6 Info


Matt, I love your noodling on these clues.  And the Wild connection is perfect being the PP did a hunt there one summer connected with the Wild.


The map seems to indicate some herringbone pattern.  😊


For clue three, I have thought that the genuflect, being a mostly Catholic term (speaking as a recovering Catholic), would mean the view of the Cathedral from some parts of IM.


For clue 5, the stonecutters part – I had found that too.  I believe though that the stonecutters, which there were many, is a connection to the State Capital that is also visible from the park.   Frank St running parallel to Johnson Pkwy might be in play too.


This link shows a picture of the St. Paul Skyline that shows both the Capital and the Cathedral:


For clue 6, I didn’t know about the ski jump. Cool beans learn something new.  I wonder If the hopping would be too much of a stretch to bring the Hopewell tribe yo mind.  They are one of the tribes and likely the first to be buried in those mounds. The Hopewell is where my mind went quickly because I know the history.




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