locked Re: Park Pick Pool Update #ParkPickPool

Allison Wonderland

It assumes the medallion was found yesterday on Clue 5. So your guesses from Clue 1 get multiplied by 5 (for 5 clues), so 50 points. Your clue 2 guesses are multiplied by 4, so 40 points. And then 30, 20, and 10 for your guesses on the day the medallion was (theoretically) found. That's a total of 150. Now on clue 6, all the previous guesses bump up another 10 in value (10x6) + (10x5) + (10x4) + (10x3) + (10x2) and you have 10 more for today, so now you have 210 points total. Tomorrow it will be 280, and then 360, and then 450 if the hunt keeps going.

David B. Allison

On Friday, January 24, 2020, 11:52:53 AM CST, kalars69 via Groups.Io <kalars69@...> wrote:

Hey David,  Although I kinda grasp this Common Core math stuff, how do I have 150 points with 6 clues and 10 choices? Home sick today, too. 

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