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Matt Bennett

My case for Indian Mounds. Most of these noodles are not my own, but at this point it's the best compilation I can come up with.

Clue 1: We aint bluffin - Sometimes clue 1 can be as obvious as it seems. They are in fact not bluffing that it's in a park on a bluff. Vikings are done, Twins haven't started so what excuse do you have not to be in the city of St. Paul, supporting the wild.
Clue 2: IMpeachment, Johnson parkway leads right to the park. Andrew Johnson was the first impeached president. There certainly would be flora to be careful of (the mounds themselves and also Thorn street)
Clue 3: I liked David's thought that it's in a park covered by Mappy's book (dog-eared means folding the corner of a page down to bookmark it so a physical map like Map Guy's). You also might kneel to honor the dead who are buried here.
Clue 4: This one might be a stretch, but here goes. There were two stone cutters involved in an accident while building the St. Paul capitol building. One passed away (Albert Swanson) but one survived and only suffered a broken leg (he definitely salvaged life and limb). His name was FRANK Thiery. Frank street parallels Johnson parkway leading to IM park.
Clue 5: GRU airport code for Sao Paulo (St. Paul) references clear visibility of the St. Paul airport and the airway beacon still stands.
Clue 6: The first ever Ski Jump in St. Paul was built in Indian Mounds, before being destroyed and rebuilt in Battle Creek. A ski jumping hill certainly has a summit and would obviously plummet. You would wind yourself up before hopping off the end of the jump. Hopefully you'll stop before you reach the bluff.


On Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 9:45 AM Allison Wonderland via Groups.Io <> wrote:
I kind of thought that, but a waterfall would only plummet after it got to the bluff. So it would make more sense if it was referring to the creek itself. Phalen creek for example winds around, it stops and starts as it hops above and below ground. It does descend and eventually empties into the Mississippi so it must reach the bluff. The only thing is I'd hesitate to say it reached a summit, but I think you're looking for something like that. It's a line of some sort on the map that winds around and gets to a bluff at some point. Though the treasure isn't necessarily at the bluff. I think the treasure is where one end of the line is. It could cross Summit Ave. or go by Summit Brewing as there aren't a lot of true summits in the county. I will say I heard a theory that I think is likely correct, but I didn't hear it somewhere I can post publicly. But do note that the clue is written to sound like the past tense.

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