Re: Clue 6 Info

Allison Wonderland

I kind of thought that, but a waterfall would only plummet after it got to the bluff. So it would make more sense if it was referring to the creek itself. Phalen creek for example winds around, it stops and starts as it hops above and below ground. It does descend and eventually empties into the Mississippi so it must reach the bluff. The only thing is I'd hesitate to say it reached a summit, but I think you're looking for something like that. It's a line of some sort on the map that winds around and gets to a bluff at some point. Though the treasure isn't necessarily at the bluff. I think the treasure is where one end of the line is. It could cross Summit Ave. or go by Summit Brewing as there aren't a lot of true summits in the county. I will say I heard a theory that I think is likely correct, but I didn't hear it somewhere I can post publicly. But do note that the clue is written to sound like the past tense.

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