Clue #6 - 2020

Allison Wonderland

Sorry, I was at my Mason meeting all night tonight. But here is the latest clue which I'm sure you've seen by now, but at least this has all of the clues together.

Clue #6
Once at the summit, it did quite plummet
Before it got to the bluff
Starting and stopping, winding and hopping
It will eventually lead to the stuff
Clue #5
We will protect each clue from the GRU
Nyet hackers! Have you no shame?
They may fix our elections, but we'll spark insurrection,
If they try to interfere with our game
Clue #4
One patterned neat and trim, one salvaged life and limb
Did the two cutters who lived down the way.
Herringbones or sawbones?
You decide which will play.
Clue #3
This hunt’s guarantor settles that forevermore
Noodlers treasure noggins; keep that in mind.
So doff your warm cap, study dog-eared map
And genuflect in the presence of the find.
Clue #2
Though the times be quite peachy, we do so beseech ye,
To venture out of doors for a romp
As you traipse through the snow, your medallions aglow,
Careful of what flora you stomp
Clue #1
There’s just enough snow and temperatures low
To rouse us from our snoozing
And hide the MacGuffin, no we ain’t bluffin,
In a park of our very own choosing.
The Vikings are done, the Twins yet begun
What excuse do you have to dawdle?
Gather your kin, prepare for the win
And be sure to bring a hot bottle

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