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Mike Flipp

The year when it was at Conway Park - 1999?, small ballfield type park, everyone parked around the park and down side streets, we looked all over that park, I think it was found in the boulevard pile of snow next to the street, never even had to go into the park actually. If thats the one I am thinking of correctly. But that video made us aware that there was snow, a couple of straight tracks, and trees. Tracks were too wide to be cross country ski tracks, so what were they? Fat bike tire tracks? They were parralel, so 2 people would have had to have made a failry perfect run to make those, so they could have been a four wheeler. No middle track for a snowmobile. OK, so what parks would let you four wheeler through? I am guessing not many at all. 4 wheeling in the city is a no no, where i live they drivem right down the street all over the place but not in St. Paul. The St.Paul / Sau Paulo matching the GRU airport code was very good, wow, so keeping in St Paul, those really couldn't be 4 wheeler tracks. Could they be ski tracks and someone made them wider to fool us? Thats possible right? Back in St Paul, I am moving on from the Suburbs, and I will throw a guess out there closer to town, alot of interest in Phalen, so it wouldn't do me any good to throw a guess there. There's still hope of an small little park not ever looked at before.

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When we were at Lake Johanna the city came in and plowed the parking lot across from the beach because everyone was parking on the road.

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I'm only going off the information on the parks site. Big red text at the top of the Phalen page. It doesn't say "due to construction" or anything like not really sure. I might scope it out on my drive home this evening.

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I didn't know that. Closed how? Is it something that could be opened again if the treasure was there?

On Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 1:33 PM, Matt Bennett
It looks like a lot of the main parking lots are closed this winter at Phalen. Do you think that would be a case against it? 

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Sorry for not being around much so far. Life has been quite busy and I haven't even had a chance to think about the clues much until now. But I'm off work now for the weekend so I have some time now. For today's pick I think I am going to go all 10 on Phalen. I'm really liking Johnson Parkway (it's peachy!) and there are all of those floral streets near there. The whole MacGuffin and bluffin thing reminds me of the green doughnut incident from 2004 at Phalen. The old Gillette's children hospital could definitely be the sawbones and there is a tailor to be had there. Still lots of other possibilities but this is where I am placing my bet.

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