2023 AW Mock Hunt Clue #6

Allison Wonderland

We're halfway through the clues now and still no report of a find so keep looking!
Clue #6
It’s hard being green, having a new scene,
Leaving behind a beautiful abode.
It was quite a trick, moving brick by brick,
But now an old friend is just down the road.
And the previous clues:
Clue #5
You’ll find treasure soon when the clock strikes noon,
Maybe somewhere between two and three hours.
Or go back in time to a spot most prime
That was once home to some lovely flowers.
Clue #4
Call this street by name, but it’s not the same,
Roads nearby have shifted over the years.
So pull out your map, I’ll give you this scrap,
Because they’re not being straight it appears.
Clue #3
The road of the king, an actual thing,
Makes its way across the city sainted.
But from this way veer, the treasure’s not near,
And the downtown side leaves your hunt tai
Clue #2
Finding treasure takes a tale of two lakes,
But searching on dry land it would behoove.
Don’t be a rover, searching all over,
Just be guided by water on the move.
Clue #1
Research is the key to learn history
So go search online to expand your ken.
Echoes you might chase, but you’ll find the place
If you can hit it three out of ten.

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