2023 AW Mock Hunt Clue #3

Allison Wonderland

Welcome to Day 3 of the 2023 AW Mock Hunt! Just one day left to register though of course anyone can hunt and win a $100 prize if they find it. Some new snow yesterday and tomorrow may make it harder if it's hidden on the ground (or if you think it is). Of course it probably is, though it hasn't always been. You may just have to wait and see what the clues have to say about it.

Clue #3
The road of the king, an actual thing,
Makes its way across the city sainted.
But from this way veer, the treasure’s not near,
And the downtown side leaves your hunt tainted.

And the previous clues:

Clue #2
Finding treasure takes a tale of two lakes,
But searching on dry land it would behoove.
Don’t be a rover, searching all over,
Just be guided by water on the move.

Clue #1
Research is the key to learn history
So go search online to expand your ken.
Echoes you might chase, but you’ll find the place
If you can hit it three out of ten.

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