2023 AW Mock Hunt Clue #2

Allison Wonderland

Welcome to Clue #2 of this year's Mock Hunt. We had a good kickoff event last night at Joseph's. We currently have about 20 people registered including several past finders of the AW Mock Hunt medallion including Jana, Jake, Steve S., Ed, Matt L., and Josh, as well as Jason who is finder-adjacent. Will one of them find it again? Will this be the year for someone new? We will find out! One rule clarification that I was reminded of last night. Any place that is ruled out in the PP Hunt will also be ruled out in this hunt (places like Como Zoo, Indian Mounds, golf courses, and such). So with all of that said, here is your next clue:

Clue #2
Finding treasure takes a tale of two lakes,
But searching on dry land it would behoove.
Don’t be a rover, searching all over,
Just be guided by water on the move.

And the previous clue:

Clue #1
Research is the key to learn history
So go search online to expand your ken.
Echoes you might chase, but you’ll find the place
If you can hit it three out of ten.

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