2020 Good Luck Poem

Mike Flipp

This years clues will start a new decade
and will lead to someplace that God Made
A pun on the year, will make you see clear
and hopeful insight as to where it has been laid

Good luck to all, in twenty twenty
And 1 thing's for sure, there's snow a plenty
Will a shovel dig or be it hung from a twig
or will you have to tread ever so lightly

Como, Phalen and Highland they seek
Or will it again be at Battle Creek?
Or some unknown park will the X mark
To me half of the clues are all but Greek

Soon onward we go, out into the cold
The first few days are for the young and bold
For us old timers, were mostly whiners
But years of knowledge we hold

So bundle up when out on the hunt
Hopefully we wont get a huge cold front
And if you happen to see, a coin in a tree
Let out a howl or maybe a grunt

I would just like to say to all Good Luck
And wisdom to you so you wont run a muck
Get right your bearings, and no red herrings
& Come back to this board when you get stuck!

God Bless

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