USB Flash Benchmarks Update V1 #rpi #usb #flash

David Haworth WA9ONY

Test results of three USB flash memories attached to the Raspberry Pi USB 3.0 port and they work as boot drives.

Update v1 added HP USB 3.0 32GB, the new lowest benchmark devide I have tested.
The HP Flash USB 3.0 32GB benchmark, 575, is almost 1/3 the benchmark of the
Lexar micoSDHC-I at 1448.

Raspberry Pi Model 4 B 4 GB

Run the benchmark on your Raspberry Pi with the CLI command:
sudo curl | sudo bash

Benchmark website:
The website's very high benchmark scores (9,000 to 10,000) are sometimes from CPUs that are overclock to 2GHz and 2.1GHz.
The normal RPi 4 CPU clock speed is 1.5 GHz.
Look for David WA9ONY benchmarks in the User Table column.

Raspberry Pi Storage Benchmarks 2019 + Benchmarking Script

USB flash memory Results:

Sandisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD 500 GB USB3.1
Test run 1: 7814
Test run 2: 7760
SanDisk Extreme PRO Portable SSD: NVMe USB Drive

Corsair Voyager GTX USB 3.1 Flash 250GB
Test run 1: 7424
Test run 2: 7406

HP Flash USB 3.0 32GB
Test run 1: 575
Test run 2: 557
The device is over several years old.
Source and price are unknown.

Please post your Raspberry Pi memory benchmark results with your configuration.


73 David WA9ONY