SATA to USB 3.0 Benchmarks #rpi #ssd #sata #usb

David Haworth WA9ONY

Test results of four SATA to USB 3.0 Adapter on a Raspberry Pi with SSD.

Raspberry Pi Model 4 B 4 GB
Samaung 860 EVO 500 GB SSD
Run the benchmark on your Raspberry Pi with the CLI command:
sudo curl | sudo bash

Benchmark website:
The benchmark website only posts the highest score and does not show different SATA to USB interfaces used.
Look for David WA9ONY in the User Table column.

All four adapters worked by booting the RPi with Samsung 860 EVO SSD.

Inateck with UASP mode
Test run 1: 7769
Test run 2: 7762
$8.99 with UASP mode
Test run 1: 7701
Test run 2: 7314

Eluteng with UASP mode
Test run 1: 7546
Test run 2: 7321

Weme no UASP mode, (UASP mode makes a difference.)
Test run 1: 5743
Test run 2: 5152
Note: the power adapter does not supply power when using Samsung 860 EVO SSD.
The Weme still draws power from the RPi USB port.

Please post your Raspberry Pi memory benchmark results with your configuration.



73 David WA9ONY