Linux logging programs besides CQRLOG

Bob Recny


I'm curious if anyone has any experience with Linux logging programs besides CQRLOG. While that looks to be decent, I was curious if there is anything closer to Log4OMNG on Windows or RumLogNG on Mac. I really like the map options. While FT8 may seem like a bunch of unnamed contacts, it's a really cool geography lesson to see each station location that I work.

Also, assuming CQRLOG is the best way to go, does it handle UDP messaging (sorry, I haven't had a chance to RTFM yet)? I'm using Hamclock on a RPi 400 that currently takes the WSJT-X feed and displays the contact on its map there. I just can't zoom in and out of that particular map.

Thanks & 73,
Bob / N8SQT

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