Re: Create named aliases for your USB devices #linux #usb


I could only listen to the 10 Aug 2021 net tonight.
The repeater I normally use, 147.625, was silent.
I was able to listen on 442.325. All my attempts to comment failed.

For KC7GDB and KC7MM, I recommend you read this post and attempt to configure your USB devices using UDEV rules. If your USB devices are well behaved (see above), you will be able to create /dev symbolic links that have names of your choice. The name will be repeatable, regardless of how many USB devices you insert. The key being well behaved USB devices.

It is a simple matter to modify the above for GPS devices. I believe KC7GDB said the GPS enumerated as /dev/acm. If you issue this command:
udevadm info --query=all --name=/dev/acm
You will get a list of properties that can be used to uniquely identify the device. You can create udev rules, as described above.

As to the by_path and by_id linking, I think you'll find that by_id will be the same for devices built by the same vendor. You will, most likely, find this to be no solution to your problem at all.

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