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Martin Fowler <mf@...>

It's important to realize that there are two distinct schools of TDDer: which I might refer to as the 'classic' school and the 'mockist' school. Although there's lot talked about mocks there are a lot of good TDDers who remain in the classic school and don't have much time for mock frameworks. As a result it makes sense that the xunits (that serve both schools) are separate from the mock frameworks - indeed many of them were written by classic school TDDers.


Tim Haughton wrote:

Every time I visit a new client, I learn something new, and this is a
good thing because life would be pretty dull if I didn't.
This week, some experiences have clicked into place. Anyone who does
any coaching will know that only a small fraction of developers 'get'
TDD. Something else struck me - of all the developers that I meet who
write unit tests, again, only a small fraction of them use mock
I'm wondering why there was ever a divide between the mock frameworks
and the xUnit frameworks? Was it just logistical?
This month, I'm hoping to be able to spike NSpec and have a first
release out by the end of the year. What would folk think to having an
integrated mock framework as part of the xUnit framework?
Tim Haughton
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