Live review during development

Johan Vromans

For a short while I have worked with the hugo static site generator. While I am glad to be back with Template again, hugo does have a couple of very nice features.

One of them is live preview: hugo runs as a web server that serves the pages as any ordinary web server but when a file is modified, the corresponding web page is regenerated and shown in the browser. So every time you save a file from your editor, you can immedeately see the results in the browser.

I went looking for 3rd party tools and was surprised to find no such functionality in the form of a separate tool. There are many livereload tools (reload, livereload, browser-sync, ...) but they all have in common that they serve only one file (usually the web root index.html).

Does anyone happen to know a tool that does this? I may start to write one if not.