Wild card support in ttree depend file?

Thomas M. Payerle

In the depend file for ttree, is there any way to indicate that a set of template files all depend on another file(s) without listing each file in the set explicitly.

I know I can use an '*' to specify _all_ template files have a dependency on e.g. foo with something like, e.g.
*: foo

But I was wondering if I could specify that all templates in the foobar directory depend on foo, e.g. something like:
foobar/*: foo
(my experimentation indicates the above is not working).
This is for a static website produced from templates, most of which are manually edited.  The "foobar" directory contains template files that are produced from a script run periodically, and I do not wish to manually add these files to the depend file, nor do I really want to have the script try to modify the depend file since it also contains manually entered content.

Is there another way to achieve this?

Tom Payerle
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