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This is a group for discussing the creation and operation of VHF/UHF packet networking on Amateur Radio and ISM-band systems, built for educational, hobby and emergency preparedness purposes.

If the Internet goes away temporarily or permanently, Amateur Radio could become a necessary resource. 

There are several digital communications networks out there which are dependent on commercial, non-Amateur means. This group is about making new networks which are divorced from commercial communications in order to explore the limitations and benefits of that choice. We want to make our text messaging and digital voice network as non-reliant on commercial means as possible. It's ok to operate Internet based equipment and Internet packet radio gear, but that's not what TARPN or this email group are about.

We will not burden our Network with Internet noise nor use the Internet as a crutch for the lack of radio based links. We will strive at all times to be obvious when we are depending on Commercial Means of any kind. The founders are interested in promoting digital communications that is independent of commercial carriers.

Please keep the conversations to topics that are not in conflict with that goal.

The group is not geographically limited.

If you are a ham radio operator that thinks we should be building data networks that are entirely Amateur, then this is a correct group for you.

Discussion of competitive orgs and methods are ok here so long as there is no advocacy for commercial or Internet gateways, commercial or Internet short-cuts, or for providing last-mile connectivity to services that only exist because of commercial means.

--At some point this chat group may be converted into a club oriented group, in support of an organization called TARPN with the same goals as stated above. We'll see how things develop.

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